What expenses can the purchase of a property entail?

The general expenses of a purchase do not usually exceed 12% -13% of the value of the property. Next, we will make a basic description of approximate expenses of the purchase of a real estate property within the Valencian Community.

NOTE: Private expenses have not been taken into account as lawyers, translators and / or after-sale services contracted in a particular way since they are not obligatory in Spanish territory.


  • Description:
    The cost of the notary may vary depending on the number of participants, pages and objects to be transmitted. You can calculate it personally HERE. All notaries in Spain must charge the same for the same service (they can give you a discount of 10 percent). The competition between them is only based on quality. This guarantees the access of all citizens, regardless of their income, to the preventive legal security services provided by notaries. The current fees of the notaries were established by Royal Decree 1426/89 of November 17, published on November 28 in the BOE.

  • Amount:
    € 550.00 * Example: Housing value: € 100,000,  Buyers: 2,  Nº Pages: 30
    According to the Municipal Term it is a rate that can be divided between the parties to its free agreement. * Approximate data


  • Description:
    It is a tax that since 1993 taxes all operations that involve a transfer of assets between people. It is regulated by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1993, of September 24 (Revised Text of the Tax Law) and Royal Decree 828/1995, of May 29 of the Spanish legislation. To obtain data from another Autonomous Community, click HERE

  • Amount:
    10% of the sale price (* Comunidad Valenciana). (Example: € 100,000 P.V.P ITP: € 10,000)


  • Description:
    The Real Estate Property Registers, is intended to create the propriety of a pripiedad.Las rates that we must pay to register a property vary depending on the price. The Property Registers of Spain depend on the Ministry of Justice.
    To consult the necessary procedures, click HERE. Next we put indicative data according to the price of the property:

  • Amount:
25.000 € 395 €
50.000 € 420 €
100.000 € 445 €
150.000 € 470 €
200.000 € 510 €
250.000 € 550 €
300.000 € 590 €
400.000 € 630 €
> 400.000 € * Consultar