1º Calculate your PLUSVALIA (IIVTNU)

Tax on the increase of Value of Urban Land
Fecha de transmisión1 Porcentaje transmitido2
    (formato dd/mm/aaaa) %    
Valor catastral del suelo3 Año del recibo (posterior a 1995)
€   (sin separador de miles)         
Fecha/s de adquisición del bien4 Porcentaje adquirido en cada fecha5
    (formato dd/mm/aaaa)    %  
    (formato dd/mm/aaaa)    %  
    (formato dd/mm/aaaa)    %  
    (formato dd/mm/aaaa)   %  
  Total:  %  
Cuota Tributaria:  


  • Description:
    It is a direct municipal tax and optional. They only tax the urban nature goods, not those of a rustic nature. Tribute only the value of the land, not the value of the construction. The value of the land that is taken into account is, in general, the cadastral value.
    Who has to pay the IIVTNU?
    In the case of transmissions for lucrative purposes (for example, donations or inheritances): the person who acquires the property or in favor of which a real right is constituted or transmitted.
    In the case of transfers for consideration (for example, a sale): the person who transmits the property or the one that constitutes or transmits a real right. If the person obligated in the payment of the Goodwill is a resident abroad, the law provides that the taxpayer will have to pay the tax, which is the other party that intervenes in the legal business.

  • Amount:


Income Tax for Individuals
  • Description:
    The RESIDENT owners in the Spanish territory are subject to the IRPF payment in function of their patrimonial gains. NON-RESIDENT owners in Spain will be subject to the NON-RESIDENT INCOME TAX. This gain is calculated based on the profit margin that was between the acquisition and sale of the property. Two factors will have to be taken into account, if there was profit in the sale and the coefficient of the value of the land at that time. It is only paid if there was a benefit, otherwise it is considered a loss of assets.

  • Amount:
    The following table shows the amounts according to the benefit:
Benefit obtained percentage to apply
From 0€ to 6.000€ 19%
From 6.000€ to 44.000€ 21%
From 44.000€ onwards 23%


The expense is shared or the by the acquired in agreement between parties
  • Description:
    The cost of the property may vary depending on the number of participants, pages and objects below. You can calculate it personally HERE. All notaries in Spain must charge the same for the same service (they can give you a discount of 10 percent). The competition between them is only based on quality. This guarantees the access of all citizens, regardless of their income, to the preventive legal security services provided by notaries. The current tariffs of the notaries were established by Royal Decree 1426/89 of November 17, published on November 28 in the BOE.

  • Amount:
    € 550.00 * Example: Housing value: € 100.000, Buyers: 2, Nº Pages: 30


Required rate for the settlement of the mortgage and its corresponding registration
  • Description:
    The mortgage cancellation expenses are those that are generated when paying off the mortgage obtained for the purchase of the home. These expenses are obligatory and can be retained by the buying party. Once the mortgage is canceled it is mandatory to register the cancellation in the Property Registry, otherwise the property will continue to appear affected and burdened. Even if the value is ZERO the SIMPLE NOTE will show a valid mortgage.

  • Amount:

Mortgage Notary Property registration Total
50.00€ 343€ 180€ 523€
100.000€ 403€ 204€ 604€
150.000€ 478€ 228€ 706€
200.000€ 511€ 258€ 769€
250.000€ 571€ 288€ 859
300.000€ 601€ 304€ 905€

NOTE: Private expenses have not been taken into account as lawyers, translators and / or after-sale services contracted in particular since they are not obligatory in the Spanish territory.