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How to sell my house and not lose money?

Some wise advice

If you have a new house, semi new, or for refurbishment, it can be swiftly sold at a great price for very little effort. Putting your house up for sale with a professional agency considerably speeds up the process, however, real estate agents are not magicians! We need you to help us by doing your bit, by presenting your property in respectable conditions and at the right price.

Often we find owners who impose a price without observing the movement of the local market. It is important to understand that each zone has its own price range is vital for sale. It can be the difference between selling or not selling. It is not a matter of haste, but of doing the right thing at the right time. Homes that exceed 20% market value, remain stagnant years without receiving viewings since potential buyers have already seen the property online and have ruled it out.

If you would like a professional property assessment, you have our team at your disposal.  Below we have some tips for you regarding sales.

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