Welcome to the MLS Network

Buy and sell, easy, fast and safe

Only a larger scale provides more efficient and economic services to all customers and allows the development of new and future services that could not be provided otherwise.

1- In the MLS network the exclusive is shared and you will have your property for sale in many offices with a single interlocutor.

2- You will multiply your chances of success with your buyers since you will be accessing a wide and secure portfolio of clients. Your possibilities will really increase.

3- Being able to work with an homogeneous criteria when evaluating your property, you will be able to know through the system prices of properties sold in the area in real time, without any speculations.

4- Homogenization and standardization of the way of working unifying the message towards the clients and transmitting much more professionalism.

5- MLS is not only a system to share a property, it is a quality trade mark, you will have access to the best professionals in your area.

6-  Protection. The management of your property will be under strict rules and regulations of a shared system, which will give you a legal guarantee and security throughout the process.

7- Participating in the development of the international real estate market, knowing first-hand the trends and their evolution.

Spain connected in a powerful network

How far can I go?

MLS, is the Spanish real estate stock exchange of exclusive properties, which allows cooperation between real estate professionals associated with this system.

Through our work system the real estate partners can share real estate transactions, contributing to increase their business, achieving customer loyalty and offering them the best service.

We lead the true spirit of "sharing among professionals", created in the USA. and we defend the MLS in Spain since 2002.

This working philosophy is the present and the future of real estate management in Spain: a system that brings together the widest range of real estate at the time available to the client so that he can obtain the maximum advantages when buying or selling his home.

We currently have more than 700 offices in Spain, thousands of real estate professionals serving the client and a large market share in the real estate management sector.